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6 Month Braces

Maybe you want a straighter smile but you aren’t ready to devote years in treatment, or maybe you aren’t super enthusiastic about wearing noticeable metal braces. You don’t have to deal with either with 6 month braces!

We offer Six Month Smiles®, which is a type of short-term orthodontics and alternative to traditional braces that allows you to straighten crooked and gapped teeth in less time. Wonder how they can work so fast? Six Month Smiles focus specifically on the teeth that show when you smile instead of making major changes to your bite alignment. You won’t have to hide your teeth when you smile any longer!

Dr. Fauver has completed advanced training on 6 Month Braces, and he truly enjoys help patients get the smile they’ve always wanted, and wait less time doing it too! If you are interested in Six Month Smiles, consider taking advantage of our special, which includes a free orthodontic consultation and $500 off your treatment.

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Benefits of 6 Month Braces

Besides having an average treatment time of just a few months, Six Month Smiles have a number of other great benefits:

  • Six Month Smiles aren’t like regular braces! They have small wires and tooth-colored brackets so they blend in more with your teeth. While people might find it hard to tell you’re wearing braces, they will notice your straighter smile!
  • They offer patients increased comfort throughout treatment because they use low forces to shift teeth.
  • In general, they have a lower risk of tooth, root, or gum damage than traditional orthodontics.
  • Because they are a type of short-term orthodontics, you won’t have to come in for as many adjustment appointments, saving you time and money.
  • Even better for your budget, Six Month Braces are generally more affordable that conventional braces.

Before and Afters

Check out the dramatic transformations of some of our actual Six Month Smiles patients!

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