About Our Chester Dental Office

At Christopher Fauver, DDS, we aim to treat our valued patients like family. With our inviting office space, state-of-the-art dental technology, and respectful approach to care, we hope you’ll consider our dental practice not just a dental office but your dental home! If there is anything else we can do to help your visit be more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to let one of our team members know. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our Amenities

We always want patients to feel comfortable and at ease in our office, which is why we offer a variety of amenities to help our practice feel less like a cold and clinical dental office and more inviting. Our amenities include:

  • Pillows & Blankets
  • TVs in Every Treatment Room
  • Free WiFi
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Advanced Dental Technology

Our office is committed to offering your family the highest standard of care possible, and we are always looking for ways we can improve our services. Our office is outfitted with modern digital technology that helps us work more precisely, keep you comfortable, and provide more effective treatments.

Dental Lasers

Dental lasers allow our team to perform more efficient, gentler procedures and keep patients more relaxed during treatments. We use a Solea® laser, which is a hard and soft tissue laser, to provide anesthetic-free fillings. We also use a PerioLase® soft tissue laser to treat periodontal disease.

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CEREC® One-Visit Crowns

CEREC is a high-tech system we use to provide restorations, including dental crowns, inlays, and onlays, in a single appointment. Once digital impressions of the teeth are taken, our onsite milling machine is able to design and create custom restorations so patients can leave their appointment with a permanent dental crown!

DIAGNOdent® Cavity Detection

DIAGNOdent is a handheld appliance that uses laser light to detect tooth decay more precisely and sooner than visual examination alone. When we catch tooth decay in its earliest stages, we can place smaller, simpler fillings that keep more of the natural tooth intact.

Intraoral Camera

Ever wish you could see exactly what your dentist sees? With an intraoral camera, we can essentially give you a tour of your mouth and walk you through our diagnosis and your treatment options. When you’re better informed about your health, you can make smarter choices!

Isolite® System

We know keeping your mouth open during a dental treatment is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Fortunately, the Isolite system has a mouthpiece to shield your tongue and cheeks and a place to rest your jaw. It even has a function that eliminates the need for us to stop and take rinse breaks so we can save you time!

CBCT Scans

Our office uses cone beam computed tomography to create 3D models of patient’s teeth and jaws. This technology is useful for orthodontic treatment, dental implants, and other services that require a deep understanding of how the teeth and jaw are working together to provide efficient and effective treatment.

3D Printer

Many dental offices have to send their impressions to off-site labs to have oral appliances and restorations created for their patients. Our practice is proud to have this advanced technology right here in our office, as it allows us to oversee the entire creation process, and patients can receive the care they need faster.

iTero® Intraoral Scanner

Traditional impressions require patients to bite down into a tray full of goopy dental putty, which is rarely a pleasant experience. Our team takes digital impressions, which involves running a handheld scanner over the teeth that instantly captures thousands of high-quality images. These images are then used to create highly accurate digital impressions.

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Emergency Dental Care

We hope you’ll never need to schedule a same-day emergency appointment with us, but should you or a family member need to see an emergency dentist in Chester right away, Dr. Fauver and our team are here to help. Whether it’s a knocked-out tooth or unbearable gum pain, we recommend giving our front office a call and explaining the situation so we can advise from there. Once we know what’s going on, we can offer instructions and start preparing a treatment room so we can begin restoring your smile as soon as you arrive at our office.

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